Always Something

There is always, ALWAYS, something (and more likely a lot of things) to be grateful for. And those somethings are what make your life bright, even when it feels impossibly dark. Today, on Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for all the people who have been those lights for me. It hasn't been an easy year to smile and laugh, but at the end of every single day, I am grateful. For my parents and sister who are strong for me even though they are broken, my sweet boys whose innocence reminds me of the beauty of this world, and my husband who is always there, keeping me together. For the most wonderful in-laws I could ask for, an abundance of aunts, uncles, and cousins that I love, grandparents that I cherish, and so many loving and supportive friends from across the globe. And, finally, even in her absence, I am grateful for my sister Stephanie. There will never be a day that I don't think of her, and, whether those thoughts bring a smile or tears, I know I am lucky to have her in my heart.