Post #26: The Year in Review

From the sports world to world news,
And to pop culture icons,
Let’s look back on the year
Since it’s about to be gone.

With a new face for Old Spice,
They’ve seen sales from their ads,
The competition increased,
Between Kindles n’ Ipads.

Brett Favre re-unretired,
Kate undid her trademark do,
Turns out Tiger’s a “Cheetah”
And Jesse James is one too.

Got Grammys? Beyonce does.
This year alone she got six.
To a Jonas Brothers gig,
Good luck scoring any tix.

Justin Beiber bashed Brady
Which is no easy feat.
Lady Gaga made headlines
With a dress made of meat.

“He’s climbin in your windows,
He’s snatching your people up”
If you don’t know what this is,
You have to look it up!

Heidi Montag turned Barbie,
The Hurt Locker won praises,
Perseid showers rained down,
Twilight stars asked for raises.

A royal prince got engaged,
And a Clinton got married,
From a Hollywood bar
drunk Kid Cudi was carried.

Simon Cowell left Idol,
And Oprah ended her show,
Conan O’Brien left too
But sorry, Snooki won’t go.

A gold-medal earning goal,
Increased Sid Crosby’s fame,
Spain took home the World Cup,
Jim Joyce nixed a perfect game.

An earthquake in Haiti,
was a devastating one,
leaving a country in shambles,
When the year just begun.

More disasters soon followed
in snowmageddon and floods,
in oil spills on oceans,
and in landslides of mud.

But with the bad came the good
As is usually true.
The Chilean miners for one,
are an inspiring crew.

As for Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,
We just saw it repealed,
And as for DWTS,
Another winner revealed.

And here is where I’ll wrap up
This snapshot of 20-10,
Look forward to the New Year,
But remember where we’ve been.

Buon Anno Nuovo!
And I’m just about done…
Here’s to love and happiness
through Two, Zero, One, One!

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  1. Great poem! You're a " Poet who didn't know it!" love it Sarah!!