Post #1: Second Helpings

What felt like a three minute break from writing was apparently a three month hiatus from it. But, I’ve decided to bring the blog back. And what better timing to resuscitate Life, Love, and Gelato than now, when I see many parallels in my current life to the day that I published my very first post…

A year ago, on July 31st. Matt White’s rendition of “Love” was playing while I fed my brand new husband a piece of our custom made Coconut with Strawberry filling wedding cake. Soon after, I was honeymooning in Cancun, drinking electric lemonades on the beach, and eating an ice cream dessert after every meal.  Soon after that, I was bouncing around New England to say my farewells before heading off to Italy for seven months of new adventures.

Fast forward to today, where I am just a few days removed from having eaten a piece of that same Coconut cake in celebration of our first anniversary. (Despite having been frozen then thawed, it was still delicious!) Though I am working as opposed to relaxing on the beach in Cancun, I do visit the ocean and eat an ice cream dessert on most nights that I crash with the in-laws on Cape Cod. And, like last year at this time, I am spending my weekends traveling throughout New England to visit loved ones, because, soon enough, I’ll be headed back to Italy. Yes, that’s right. As if writing it outoud will make it more real, I will write it again…. I am headed back to Italy.

So yes, there are clear similarities between my life now and my life 39 posts ago. My “home” still lacks a permanent address, and my life still lacks a more-than-tentative yearly plan. But I am not “home”less, and, as it turns out, plans are overrated. So, things are going just fine as I transition to this next chapter. 

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