Post #4: Ready... Set...

As of last Wednesday, Kevin’s back in Italy! Besides Hurricane Irene delaying his departure by two days, and the airline losing his sticks at the London layover, the trip was smooth. He was met at the airport by the same duo that greeted us last September. Except this time they brought a flat-bed truck as opposed to the small hatchback they brought last year. I still cannot believe we managed to fit four passengers, six bags, and a set of hockey sticks into that vehicle! Even though it was obviously made by the manufacturers of Mary Poppins’ handbag, our faithful transporters decided not to push their luck this time. A flat-bed truck offered more than enough room for Kevin and his bags this time.

Since then, Kev’s days have been made up of double sessions, team appearances, pre-season games, and the gradual adjustment to the six hour time change. He’s been busy to say the least, but he reports that this year is off to a more organized start than the last. It could be his familiarity with the area or it might be related to the fact that he never lost communication with his homeland. Unlike last year where we were car-less, phone-less, and internet-deprived for weeks, he started out the season with his phone from last year. And, since our apartment isn’t ready yet, he’s being put up at a hotel that amazingly offers free WIFI.

While he continues his Italian transition, I’ve been finalizing details with insurances that needs modifying, subscriptions that need cancelling, gifts for our Italian friends that need buying, this weekend’s party that needs planning, and paperwork that needs endorsing. All of this plus packing because, in one week, I will be joining him! 

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