Post #11: Until Next Time...

I’m always saying that I am blessed with a wonderful family. Kevin’s side, my side, my friends-that-might-as-well-be-family side. From all angles, and by all definitions, my “family”, is incredible. (I am not bragging, I am just stating a fact). Evidence in support of this testimony lies within nearly every post I’ve made to this blog. And, here I present to you even more proof that I am blessed with familial amazingness. Reason #102 that my family rocks: They will come to visit us, wherever we are. The capital of Rhode Island, a college town in New Hampshire, a Cape house in Massachusetts, a commuter town in the center of Connecticut, a small village in northern Italy. And, most recently, a big city in the middle of the United States. We’ve been in Wichita for less than five months, but we’ve already had three sets of visitors. AND, a fourth set will be arriving soon! Thank you, loved ones, for being as mobile as we are. Your visits are a special part of these hockey life adventures.  Memories like these will hold us over until next off-season when we will get to spend tons of quality time with you because we will likely be crashing on your couches! J

Watching some hockey with Nanny & Guy Mor 

Snuggling with Gramma

Hanging out with AunTee
Next up, Barbara and Steve. See you both soon!

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