Post #11: Happy Hundredth!

Today, my blog is one hundred posts old. Somewhere between #1 and #100, I went from newlywed to mother and then mother of two. Kevin calling me “wife” then was as novel as hearing Brayden call me “momma” now. We’ve spent two seasons in Italy, one in Wichita, and we’re in the midst of another in Scotland. Our scenery has changed, our family has grown, and our network of friends has expanded to new countries and states. Through all the ups and downs, wins and losses, opportunities and challenges, wanderlust and homesickness, I’ve been consistently grateful for the love that surrounds our little family. Looking back on posts from these last three-plus years that love has been the most/only consistent element to our lives. Suffice it to say, wherever we find ourselves over the course of the next 100 posts, I’m pretty sure it’ll be a wonderful place to be.

Season 2010-2011
Life, Love, and Gelato
Season 2011-2012
Life, Love, and Second Helpings
Season 2012-2013
Life, Love, and Diaper Rash

2013-2014 Season
Life, Love, and Scotland

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