I married a good one.

Marry someone who can make you laugh. It doesn’t need to be constant fits of rolling on the floor laughter. Little laughs when you need them most are just as important, and maybe even more so. In other words, comedic timing often trumps the intensity of hilarity.

It was one of those days where the boys were being especially difficult. They each wanted different things at different times, and seemed intent on annoying/physically harming one another. I spent the majority of the morning moving from one failed activity to another, wrangling the boys in and out of their carseats, and putting together food that was ultimately getting tossed on the floor. My patience was thinner than I care to admit, I was tired, and I felt defeated. Thankfully, Kevin had just walked in the door. He assessed the situation with a pair of fresh eyes, and must have instantly gauged my distress. He took over the babies and ushered me out the door to run the errands that had been mounting up over the previous few hectic days. I quickly briefed him on what exactly he was walking into, feeling somewhat guilty to be walking out.

All of this transitioning happened routinely, a quick and efficient communication about the afternoon’s division of responsibility. We were a team and this was our plan of attack. I felt relieved just knowing I wasn’t alone. And then to be given a much-needed break too! (Funny how running errands without children in tow qualifies as a break, isn’t it?)

I loved my husband in that moment, as he turned bravely towards the battlefield cries in the kitchen. But I loved him even more when I explained how Tyler had dropped my phone in such a way that the battery was lost under the washer. That was when he handed me his own phone to borrow. And with a playful smile, he said “If any of my girlfriends call, just take a message”. That was all it took. I felt muscles in my face relax that I hadn’t even realized were tense. I took a breath, and I laughed. And it was just what I needed. Humor in the height of chaos, a quick-witted line that reminded me it was all going to be okay, that I had the best possible partner for all this craziness. I think this a lot for a lot of different reasons, but it won’t ever stop being true: I married a good one.

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  1. Yes, you married a good one... but so didn't he !!